Gateway to the Quest

Gateway to the Quest is a quirky platformer game of seeking items, exploring opposing Light and Dark worlds, and encountering enemies—all before your health runs out and you’re transported to the other world.

Long ago, a ritual was performed to split one world into two—one dark and cruel, one light and saccharine. Your goal is to bring balance to both worlds by finding items in each for a ritual to merge the worlds back into one.

To stay in a world longer, collect light or dark health items by defeating enemies. But beware how you attack—what saves you in one world may harm you, or help your enemies, in the other!

To save the world, you must bring Light and Dark together.

Will you do it?

Gateway to the Quest was created by a team in St. Louis, MO, at Global Game Jam 2016. Check out our YouTube video to see more, and visit this Global Game Jam page to play!